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Sign up in Citizen Alert to receive alerts about emergencies near your home, workplace, children’s schools or other important places! Landline telephones included in the 911 database are already registered, but by signing up online you can also be notified on your cell phone, work phone, email or by text message. This system is active in both Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Sand and sandbags are available from local retailers throughout the Rogue Valley. Although this is a list of retailers that typically carry stock, we do not keep a list of current on-hand stock. You may want to call the retailers to check current inventory. Click on the link below for a list. 

Please note that although there are a few municipalities that give sand and/or bags away for free, you will generally need to purchase your own.

Get emergency information quickly, even when you are away from home

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A collaborative endeavor between Jackson & Josephine County Emergency Management to help the citizens of the Rogue Valley prepare for and respond to disasters

It is YOUR responsibility to protect your home and property.


2017 Rogue Valley

Integrated Fire Plan

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Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)