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Know Your Alert

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Jackson and Josephine Counties use multiple notification and warning systems to make sure emergency alerts are delivered to the people who need the information. Make sure you are signed up for the systems that require subscription and understand how they are used for emergency communications.

SMS iconCitizen Alert - all of Jackson and Josephine Counties - Registration Required
Emergency notification to alert residents by landline, mobile phone, text message and email about imminent threats to life and property in specific impacted areas. Create an account for each person in your household with up to five addresses you would like to receive alerts for (home, work, child’s school, etc.). You don’t have to be in the location of the emergency to receive alert.

Create an account for each person in your household with up to five addresses you would like to receive alerts for (home, work, child’s school, etc.). You don’t have to be in the location of the emergency to receive alert.

Add Citizen Alert to your contacts!! Add the following phone numbers to your phone’s contacts so you know when you are receiving an alert from Jackson County.

(541) 897-8556, and 88911 (text message)

Ways to register:

1. Go to Everbridge to update your account or create a new one.

2. Or, complete this form (Citizen Alert Sign Up Form v4) and mail, email, or fax to Jackson County Emergency Management per instructions on form.

3. Or, call our office at 541-774-6790

Everbridge NixleNixle (Keyword and Zip Code) - Registration Required

Receive text and/or email messages from local agencies with public safety messages or emergency information. Nixle notifications are not delivered by phone call and are sent in addition to Citizen Alert emergency alerts.

Send a Text to '888-777' the following to opt-in to community information via text message

  • 'JACKSONEVACS' - to receive information about all level 1, 2, and 3 evacuation notices in all of Jackson County
  • 'your zip code' - to receive community information and public safety messaging for your zip code

To receive emails, register at

Add the Nixle text message number, “888-777” to your phone’s contacts to identify where future text message are coming from.

Nixle Frequently asked Questions


Wireless Emergency Alerts
Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) - No Registration Required

Urgent alerts sent as text-like messages to your mobile phone based on your physical location. You will only receive notification if you are physically in the area of the emergency. You must keep the factory settings on to your WEA- capable phone to receive a WEA. WEAs have three alert categories-- Imminent Threat, AMBER, Presidential. Visit the FEMA WEA website for more information.

Emergency Alert System
Emergency Alert System (EAS) - No Registration Required

National public warning system that will interrupt local broadcast TV and radio programming to provide an alert in the event of a large-scale emergency.

Visit the FEMA EAS website for more information.

Local Media, Radio and TVLocal Media, Radio and Television
The County communicates with local news broadcasters to provide updates during an emergency.

NOAAAll Hazards NOAA Weather Radio
ll Hazards NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) is a low-cost home alerting tool that can be remotely activated by the National Weather Service to broadcast life-saving warnings issued by first responders. NWRs include battery backups. To work, Jackson County residents must tune their NWR to frequency 162.400 Medford, or 162.475 Mt. Ashland. Visit for more information.