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Kids are a huge help when it comes to preparing for emergencies. It is important to include them in all of your planning, organizing and drills. They will experience disasters just like adults will, so it's equally important that they be involved and know how to respond.

Ready Wrigley is a series of books created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that provide tips, activities and stories to help whole families prepare for emergencies.

Wildfires & Smoke Extreme Heat Coping After A Disaster

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Earthquakes Winter Weather Flooding & Mold
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Teenagers and other young people help their families, schools and communities prepare for hazardous events. They can be leaders before, during and after disasters. Whether you're just starting to learn about preparedness, want to join or start a youth preparedness program, or are looking for materials to teach the next generation of preparedness leaders, you'll find lots of options on ready.gov/kids to help you learn how to prepare for a disaster.

TIP: Be sure to pack special items for your kids/teens when building your kits.
For younger children:
• Comfort items - blanket, stuffed animal
• Favorite toy or book
For older kids:
• Crafts, safe tools, books, music

TIP: Your teen is capable of saving your life.
Whenever possible, have your teen join in training classes. Include them in CPR, first aid, Stop the Bleed and others.

Encourage them to get involved in anything that will help your family prepare for emergencies. Look for areas of interest such as gardening, canning and outdoor survival skills or get them involved with Search and RescueExplorers.

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