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Grab-n-Go Binder 1834

Your Grab-n-Go Binder will help you recover in the event that you lose your home or are unable to enter safely due to structural damage. This binder is comprehensive and should contain financial, personal, legal and medical documents as well as a thumb drive containing photos and videos of each room and a backup of your hard drive to take with you when you evacuate. Remember to video document any high-value items.

Copy each of these documents, front and back.

Financial Documents

  • Front & back of debit/credit cards
  • Property deeds/Mortgage information
  • Car titles & registration
  • Bank account numbers and contact information
  • Insurance policies (life, heath, auto, home)
  • Contact information for anyone you send a payment or bill to
  • Stocks, bonds & savings bonds
  • Statements from investment firms

Personal Documents

  • Address book
  • List of firearms & serial numbers
  • Birth certificates
  • Concealed handgun license
  • Rent/Lease agreement
  • Diplomas/transcripts
  • Documented appraisals of valuable possessions
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage license
  • Military documents
  • Passport
  • Pet vaccine records
  • Recent photo of each family member & pet
  • Receipts from expensive items
  • Social security

Legal Documents

  • Child custody/adoption papers
  • Divorce agreements
  • Will, living/family trust
  • Past/current binding contracts
  • Attorney contact information

Medical Information

  • Health insurance cards
  • Blood types of each family member
  • Contact information for all medical providers
  • Medical history of each family member
  • Immunization records
  • List of current prescriptions and dosage
  • Pharmacy contact information