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Your 2 Weeks Ready kit meets the state standard for preparedness. There are too many items to list, but consider who you are preparing for as you evaluate each topic. For an event like this you need to develop skills and plans to be successful Building your 2 Weeks Ready kit is a long term project. Make it a family affair and a part of your daily life!

First Aid

  • After a large scale event, emergency services may not be available. You are the help until help arrives. Find classes in your area and learn:
    • CPR
    • Basic First Aid
    • Stop the Bleed
  • Medications for anyone in your household
  • Extra prescription medication

Food & Water

  • Plan for 3,000 calories per person per day
  • Consider storying different types of shelf stable foods (canned, dried, dehydrated)
  • Don’t forget vitamins, comfort foods (family favorites, candy, gum) and coffee/tea
  • Water filtration system that can filter viruses (most systems filter bacteria but not viruses)

Prepare Your Home

  • Secure your home by fixing hazards
  • Secure the foundation
  • Secure heavy furniture
  • Make plans to stay at home for months without electricity, water and sewer
  • Have supplies to seal broken windows
  • Select an alternate meeting location in case your home is too damaged to enter

Pets & Livestock

  • Items from your Pet Kit in larger quantity
  • Photo of you and your pet together
  • Identify shelters and pet friendly hotels along your evacuation route


  • Include children in your plans and drills
  • Practice your plan and do your drills monthly

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