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  • Need a profile? It takes less than 10 minutes to create.
  • Have you forgotten your username or password? Reset from the log in page.
  • Does every member of your household, who has their own mobile device, have their own profile?
  • No longer live in Josephine or Jackson County? You can delete your profile when logging in or email us and we will delete it for you.


  • Is your street address correct? Do NOT list PO Boxes.
  • Did your address geo-code to the correct location?
  • Did you know you can list more than one address? A family member’s home, work address or another property you may own?


  • Is your information up to date? New mobile phone number? Remove an old landline? Remove duplicate phone numbers? Be sure to list each number only once—do not list one phone number as both your work and personal phone.
  • Did you fill our the SMS Text # field with your mobile number if you want to receive text notifications?
  • Is your email up to date? Email may be useful if cellular service is disrupted.
  • We suggest listing at least two methods of contact (call, text and/or email).
  • Did you select Everbridge Push App in your profile to receive notifications to the app?


  • Have you downloaded the mobile app powered by Everbridge?
  • You can update your contact information from the mobile app.
  • You can see the history of notices sent to you.

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Josephine County 541-474-5300

Jackson County 541-774-6790

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