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Helpful Tips on Signing Up for Citizen Alert

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Helpful Tips on Signing Up for Citizen Alert 3062

Everyone with a cell phone should have their own account, even if they live in the same household. If two cell phone numbers are listed on the account, the second number will not receive the notification once you
confirm receipt. Don't make yourself responsible to contact everyone in your household - let us do that for you!

  • Do not turn your cell phone off at night if it is your only phone in the house. Think of it like a smoke alarm - you need to hear it for it to work!
  • Signing up with a cell phone allows us to notify you even if you aren't at home.
  • We cannot contact you if you don't sign up!
  • If you do not have access to a computer you may call your local emergency management office and they can sign you up. The disadvantage is that you will not control your own account and will need to call the office to have updates made. If you create your own account you will have ownership and can update it as needed.
TIP: If you have a cell phone, you must opt in to receive alerts. Landlines are automatically uploaded into the system.

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Would you need special help in an emergency?

You might want to apply to be in the Disaster Registry if in the case of a flood, forest fire or other disaster you or someone you care for would:

  • Need outside help to safely leave your home during an emergency
  • Be in jeopardy if you stayed in your home, without assistance, for three days
  • Need special notification about the need for evacuation, due to impairment

The Disaster Registry provides the names and locations of people who need special assistance to fire, police, health and rescue workers. Being on the disaster registry does not guarantee that you'll get help first in a disaster. There are so many needs during a disaster that first responders may not be able to assist you for an extended period of time, but if your name is in the registry, they will know of your need for special assistance. 541-664-6674