Southern Oregon is a beautiful place to live, but we are vulnerable to disasters, such as fires, floods, severe storms, earthquakes, dam failures, landslides and hazardous spills. Many of these disasters have already occurred here, and undoubtedly will again. During a disaster, you may be able to stay in your home, but could be without power or water for extended periods of time. 

Residents in the Rogue Valley are fortunate that local emergency services have developed an effective and cooperative emergency response system. Throughout the county, agencies work together closely to prepare for any emergencies that come our way. While agencies can be in a high state of readiness for disasters, there is no substitute for individual preparedness. Rogue Valley Emergency Management recommends that you plan to be on your own for a minimum of 72 hours, and even up to 2 weeks. You are not being asked to deal with these emergencies alone, but your individual preparedness efforts will allow emergency service agencies to do their best job for you. 

Jackson and Josephine Counties have created the Family Emergency Preparedness Handbook to be used as guides to help citizens prepare individual and family disaster plans. Check out the preparedness calendar on pages 44-47 for a guided approach. 

These Handbooks are structured as family workbooks, and when completed, will be ready for immediate use. Once your family is prepared, it is time to look to your neighbors. In times of disaster they will probably be the first ones available to come to your aid, or they may be in need of your help. 

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Remember- YOU are responsible for your family's safety! Begin preparing today!

For a printed copy of this book, please contact:

Josephine County Emergency Management

Phone:      (541) 474-5300



Jackson County Emergency Management

Phone: 541-774-6790


A collaborative endeavor between Jackson & Josephine County Emergency Management to help the citizens of the Rogue Valley prepare for and respond to disasters