A collaborative endeavor between Jackson & Josephine County Emergency Management to help the citizens of the Rogue Valley prepare for and respond to disasters


Mountain House

Thank you to those who have donated to our Demo Day and helped up prepare our community!

Please note: the video will sound an emergency broadcast warning for 18 seconds before beginning.  



Demo Day #2!  


- Cinder Block Rocket Stove

- Fire Starting - 5 ways to start a fire

- Kelly Kettle - Fastest Way to Boil Water

- OSU - See Harvesting & Food Storage

- Dehydrated and freeze dried food sampling

- 3 Ways to Purify Water

- SAR Intro & Knot Tying

- Shelter Building

- Fire Extinguisher Training

- Go-Kit Review

Prep-U, our 7-part preparedness training, is hosted by Josephine County Emergency Management.  We ask all of our students to watch Unprepared (video above) in preparation for the class.  Our next series will begin after fire season this year.  We will be able to determine dates as fire season unfolds.  We look forward to helping you get prepared!  

Oregon Freeze Dried Foods

demo day #2!

Kelly Kettle USA
Grape Solar