A collaborative endeavor between Jackson & Josephine County Emergency Management to help the citizens of the Rogue Valley prepare for and respond to disasters

3 Ways to Order

  • Email rperrin@josephinecounty.gov with your name, phone number, kit type(s) and quantity.  You will pay for the kit(s) at time of pick up.
  • Call 541-474-5308 to place an order.  You will pay for the kit(s) at time of pick up.
  • Mail the form (click link below to download) with a check payable to Friends of Search and Rescue.

Emergency Kits

Your kits are a foundational part of your preparedness. What you have in your kit, along with your plan and skills, is what you will have to survive in the event of an emergency. 

Each person should have a series of kits taylor-made for them. Each kit will contain supplies that the owner is familiar with and knows how to use and care for.

Check out the kits and suggested items below and start building your kit inventory. If you don't have one, we recommend starting with a Go-Kit followed by your Grab-n-Go Binder and your Evac Box. If you have pets, build their kit with your Go-Kit. Your Bug Out Bag, Car Kit, Shelter In Place and 2 Weeks Ready kits are larger and will require more time to assemble. (For a quick Go-Kit see the order form at the bottom of the page.)

Don't forget - a plan, skills and supplies are all required to be successful during an emergency! 

Go Kits


Need help with kits? We can help!

If you would like to build your own kit but need some guidance beyond the lists above, join us for Prep-U! Click here to learn more.

If you just need to get a kit and don't have the time to build it yourself, order a 1 or 2 person 3-Day Go-Kit! Josephine County Emergency Management has partnered with Friends of Search and Rescue to provide an affordable way for residents to get a kit without having to build one. The kits are sold at or near cost. To order, click the blue link below and download the order form, or call Josephine County Emergency Management at 541-474-5308.