A collaborative endeavor between Jackson & Josephine County Emergency Management to help the citizens of the Rogue Valley prepare for and respond to disasters

Josephine County Animal Shelter

Animal evacuations are the responsibility of the animal owner.  Whether you have small animals or livestock, a plan should be in place ahead of time to care for each one in the event of a disaster.  

Jackson County Animal Shelter
CDC Animal Preparedness


Pets are family - do you have a plan for your pet in an emergency?  Including pets in emergency plans helps your family's ability to respond to an emergency.  Be prepared: make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your pet.

Leaving pets out of evacuation plans can up pets, pet owners, and first-responders in danger.  Even if you try to create a safe place for them, pets left behind during a disaster are likely to be injured lost, or worse.  Before a disaster...

Josephine & Jackson County Animal Shelter Information

Saving the Whole Family

Kids are a huge help in preparing you whole family!  Click the link on the left to learn how to involve your kids in pet emergency preparedness!

Ready.gov Animal Evac
Take Action Teens for Wildfire Safe Communities
CDC Pet Preparedness

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